My Thoughts on FM15, and Some Tactical Ideas Going Forward

So, we’re now on the run up to the new Football Manager, FM15. I thought I’d summarise some of my opinions on the new roles for FM15, and preview some potential player roles that I’m looking at creating. I’ve reached a point now on FM14 where I don’t feel there’s much more that I can do, and save one more project for an upcoming article, I don’t expect to play the game much in the coming weeks. As much as I love Football Manager, I rarely end up playing in the period before the new game.

Despite this, there’s some new player roles that have been announced for FM15 that really have me interested. Those of you that have followed me on The Dugout, Twitter and Strikerless will know that I do enjoy a good strikerless tactic (not as much as Guido though), and I’ve already got ideas for my first tactical project on the new game.

The key to this tactical idea is the new role, the ‘Raumdeuter’. Here is the description of the role:

“Wingers can also be instructed to play as a ‘Ramdeuter’. The word raumdeuter is German and best translated as ‘space investigator and is most widely associated with Germany’s Thomas Mueller. A raumdeuter is a bit lit a wide poacher suitable for players who want to operate on the periphery of build-up play before finding space in a dangerous area to add a clinical touch to the move.

A raumdeuter’s main role is to find pockets of space in which to operate. Essentially a wide poacher, the Raumdeuter takes up seemingly harmless positions out wide, waiting for the opportune moment to burst through the defensive line for that telling shot or cross.

He is difficult for defenders to pick up as he will often drift from his assigned position looking for any opportunity to exploit. This can result in quiet periods during which the Raumdeuter may neglect his defensive duties, therefore adequate cover and a strong team shape are key in order to fully utilise his attacking prowess in the final third.”

‘ A wide poacher’. Doesn’t that sound absolutely perfect for a strikerless tactic? You need someone to move into that space when utilising a strikerless formation, and the Raumdeuter looks like it will be extremely useful. Even if you aren’t using a strikerless formation, the role itself will still be fantastic in a 4-3-3, or a 4-1-4-1. Very Bayern esque.

The next role I’m interested in is the ‘Roaming Playmaker’. There have been a few interpretations on what this role is, ranging from Angel Di Maria (i.e. my Central Winger) to Xabi Alonso’s new role at Bayern where he’s allowed to go all over the pitch. I’m not putting this into my tactical plans as of yet, but it will certainly be used at some point. I’m picturing this role combined with a holding midfielder in a 4-2-3-1 at some point.

‘Inverted Wingback’ is the next new role. Probably intended to replicate David Alaba at times last season, the ‘IWB’ will come inside, rather than stay out wide, and make runs through the centre of the pitch. However, this role is apparently not available with an ‘attack’ duty, which is a shame as I had super aggressive IWB’s in mind. However, what I’ll probably end up trying is turning them into DLP’s when they move inside, and turning them into more of a creative force.

‘Wide Playmaker’ is the last new role, and it seems very much like David Silva at Manchester City, which is another role I’ve tried to create before. I’m not ‘that’ interested in this role, but perhaps Arsene Wenger would love to put Mesut Ozil into this role out on the left wing. Yeah…..

In terms of tactical ideas, I’ve currently got an asymmetrical 4-1-2-3-0 in mind. A fairly standard defence, one CD on cover, one on defend and two CWB’s. In front of them in the DMC position, a Half Back to cover for the CWB’s. In the CM positions an AP-S (roaming playmaker if I hear good things about the role, since I used to tell my AP-S to roam from position) and a Central Winger. Ahead of that I want to use a ‘Raumdeuter’ at AMR, and a SS at AMCL (can be inverted depending on players). Centrally (AMC), I want to use an ‘Advanced Destroyer’, which I look at as a combination of Yaya Toure, Marouane Fellaini and Oscar. Pressing high, making tackles, being strong, and making short passes for the onrushing Raumdeuter, SS and Central Winger from deep. Hopefully that should lead to plenty of goals and vertical movement. Of course, this will probably change as we get closer to FM15, but that’s the general idea I’ve got now. The ‘Advanced Destroyer’ is going to be the first role that I try to create on FM15, so hopefully I can get it to work how I want, and then I’ll write an article for it.

So there’s my plans for FM15, let’s hope everything works like I want it to.

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