Effective Decision Making on Football Manager

TorpedoZhodinoLogo.pngHey, these are coming thick and fast aren’t they? This won’t really be a save update as such, but I want to give an example of my thought process in Football Manager and how I go about the decisions I make, and I’m going to do this using things people have asked me about before in contract decisions and whether to re-sign or let someone leave. In case you’re just joining the save now, here is the first post, and here is the second one. If you’ve been following the save thus far, you’ll know that I’m playing a 4-4-2 system that has taken the save from being one that definitely wasn’t going to make it past the first few playthroughs, to one that I’m now planning as my main save for the forseeable future.


This is Andrey Khachaturyan, and I’ve discussed his importance in my last article. He plays the Box to Box role in central midfield, and has popped up with some important goals and has really been the midfield engine for us this season. We pay him £500 a week, one of the higher wages at the club, but with the league undergoing a three or so week summer break, it was time to look at contracts. There are some players that I’m still waiting to make a decision on, but I decided to re-sign right midfielder Dmytro Yusov, who regularly breaks the lines for us from right midfield with his pace (14 – which is high in Belarus) and direct running. I gave him a big wage rise, but we’ve got a lot of wage budget left – presumably from financing from BelAZ – so I was happy to keep him at the club.

However, Khachaturyan had no desire to re-sign with us as a result of the littany of Middle Eastern clubs who were looking at signing him. I tried to enter into negotiations but he wouldn’t even bother. He’s valued by the game at £25k, but I knew I’d get more for him, so I had a decision to make. Keep him and risk losing him for nothing in a matter of months, or sell. My decision was made easier by this factor:


This is Kirill Premudrov, and he’s been sat on the bench for us since the beginning of this season. He’s a talented player and he too was coming to the end of his contract. However, he was willing to sign for us, and for a bargain price at £300 per week and a squad player status. Now I know he isn’t quite the player Khachaturyan is, but when you consider that Premudrov is 26 and Khachaturyan is 31, he has plenty of room to grow, and there are certain areas where he will fit the role better than Khachaturyan at this point. Therefore, I made the decision to sell. We may not be better right now, but there’s a chance we could be better down the line, and it’ll bring in some money. It will reduce the cover I have at CM – which is something I’ll look at – but the decision was pretty clear.

Khac sale

Eventually I negotiated Al-Ittihad up to a deal of £69k for him, far more than his value as rated by the game, so I accepted. I’ve sold my best player by attributes, and my second most important player behind striker Gorbachlik. It wasn’t an easy decision but once I balanced up the options and realised I wasn’t losing too much, not forcing a player to stay who would have become unhappy, and allowing a younger talented player to get more playing time, the choice became obvious. This is just one example, but I hope it’s shown people how my thought process works surrounding these decisions, as they can be some of the most important on any save in Football Manager.

So that’s it for this update, so until next time, thank you very much for reading and as always if you have any questions or comments about this save, Belarusian football or Torpedo themselves, please feel free to leave them in the comments section, or contact me via Twitter (@JLAspey). Thank you once again.


  1. Thanks for the good article! Usually, when I have players older than 30, they start to regress. Did that happen already? Also, how much do the 69K help? With your wage level, that might be decent, but for me in Portugal, even 1M is usually too little to bother, if they offer something on the pitch. That’s the reason that I let my captain leave for nothing after the summer (the second time I did that – oops).

    1. It wasn’t a small amount for our club, but it’s just more the desire to not have players leave for nothing. If I’m given the option of losing a player for less value than I’d want or nothing, I’ll always sell. However it depends on your club. Sometimes they have more value staying and helping you push for your achievements.

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