When Life Gives You Lemons…

R24Shirt1As you will have seen in the first update of my new save with AC Milan, it’s been quite a tumultuous summer for the Rossoneri. A quite frankly ridiculous amount of average players were sold, loaned or released, amassing £103M total in player sales. A massive part of that was any players that can play on the wings. I had planned to use a 4-4-1-1, with Giacomo Bonaventura on the right wing as a WM-A, and Suso on the left as a W-A, with a few iffy rotational options to provide backup to those two. I had attempted to sign Gonçalo Guedes – who wouldn’t talk to me – and Nicola Sansone, but as you’ve seen, he would rather go play for Roma and earn £15,000 less a week. Their mistakes.

However, Bonaventura would go down with a torn calf that would put him out for 3-4 months, and Chelsea would come in for Suso on deadline day with a bid that when eventually negotiated up to £29.5M (with extra fees etc.) I simply couldn’t refuse. This left me extremely weak on the wings, my only real options being Simone Verdi (really a Number 10) and Manuel Locatelli (a central midfielder). There were also no realistic options out wide that I wanted to sign, with my ethos for the save being to create an Italian core with a foreign contingent (much like Milan have throughout their history). This effectively ruled out the 4-4-1-1 as a viable tactic, and as a result, I’m committing to playing a narrow formation.

This article is going to serve as a tactical think tank for me to plan my ideas on how to move forward with the Rossoneri. I hope that through seeing my mental processes, you will be able to see how I formulate a tactic, and how I assess my squad in order to create a tactic that should be successful.

Rebuilding The Rossoneri

R24Shirt1So, I messed up. I apologise.

Those of you that follow me on Twitter (@JLAspey) will have seen my utter disgust at myself the other day. I keep different versions of saves – effectively rolling saves – just in case one of my saves somehow becomes corrupted. It means that if said incident does happen, I don’t have to go too far back. The other day, I was going through and deleting some of these older backups, and accidentally loaded one of them. This would have been fine, had I not previously deleted the most recent Napoli save, intending to re-save it under a better name than ‘Napoli 6’. This would have been fine, but this meant that the most recent version of the Napoli save I have is all the way back in May, and for the life of me, I can’t bring myself to go back to May and re-do the entire Summer and get myself back to October. So – and I really hope that this is for the last time on FM16 – I have started a new save, one that is a bit different, and one that I am really motivated to write about. I hope you enjoy reading this.

This new save will also follow the format that I was planning to use in the Napoli save. Again, I don’t know if these updates will be monthly, or bi-monthly, but I hope you’ll stick with me whilst I figure it out a bit. Again, I hope that this allows you, the reader, to actually see the progression of the side through the months of the season, and allows you to actually see the narrative that Football Manager games provide.

But anyway, who is it that I’m actually going to be managing?

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