Step One

Racing_FC_Union_LuxembourgWell, it’s time for the first proper update in the Racing Luxembourg save at the end of the first season. In case you missed the opening post of this save, I’ve downloaded an edit from the SI forums allowing me to play in Luxembourg, which is an unplayable nation in Football Manager 2016. I’m planning a long term project where I play With Club, For Country and focus on signing and nationalising players to play for Luxembourg, and hopefully improve the standing of football in Luxembourg on the continental and international scenes. It’s certainly not going to be an easy task, and before I can even think about making an impact across Europe, I have to consider making an impact in the Luxembourg National Division, and become the best team in Luxembourg.

Firstly, when playing in an unplayable nation, you have to populate the nation with players, so whilst loading up the game I selected the option to add players to playable teams, meaning that the world I’m playing in is already full of regens (a part of FM I love, scouting unknown players, and judging them), and my team had several of them, some of whom were at a good enough standard, and some of whom were far below the standard required, even at this low level. Because of the rules regarding non-contracts, I was able to release these players for nothing, and go out and scout replacements who would be available for nothing. It’s a lovely plus point about playing at such a low level.

With Club, For Country

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 15.42.32As you will probably have noticed, the Red Star updates both on this blog and on Twitter have dried up lately. This is somewhat because as the first season came to a close, the ease with which we had won the league really bored me, and sapped my interest in Season 2. However, the second (and main) reason why I’m not playing the Red Star save is because I have stumbled upon what is quite probably my favourite save so far on FM16. Where is it? Honestly, you’ll never guess.

Those of you who have known me for a while will know that I broke into the FM scene through my early writings on the once fantastic site known as The Dugout. One of the better known members of that site went under the username of Ben, and had several fantastic saves, many of which I used to read as a guest before properly signing up and actively contributing to the board itself. When an exodus from The Dugout occurred in order to create Football Manager Now, Ben went too. On last year’s version, Ben wrote about his club save in Luxembourg, where he attempted to improve the standing of the Luxembourg national team and Luxembourg as a footballing nation by focusing on signing and nationalising Luxembourgers. It isn’t a Club and Country save because the AI retains control of the national team, but it is With Club, For Country. I stumbled upon these updates, and it has motivated me to attempt the same style of save, and I’ll be playing in Luxembourg as well.

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