Taking A Risk

TSVMunchendarkblueWell, I’ve reached the end of the January transfer window, so it’s time for me to update you all on how things are going in the TSV München save. You might ask why I’ve played until the end of the January transfer window, but all will be explained later in this post. In the last update, I covered the early decisions I’d made through the pre-season, covering signings (both staff and player) and results in the early part of the 2. Bundesliga season.

I’d also gone into tactics (as always), and discussed the theory and style of the counter attacking 4-1-4-1 system I was using, and waxing lyrical about its brilliance over the first two games of the league season, where we effortlessly beat Heidenheim and Frankfurt 2-0, only allowing one shot on target over the two games and countering lethally. At that point, we were top of the 2. Bundesliga with 6 points, so have we managed to keep that up? Or despite the re-brand, do we still have 1860’s bad luck?

Well, Let’s Kick Off

TSVMunchendarkblueWell, it’s time to properly kick off the new save for FM16 with the newly re-branded TSV München. The last post covered the ins and outs of what I’ve done and why, but now it’s time to really kick the save off, and cover what I’ve done in the pre-season. As usual, this save will largely consist of pre-season updates, mid-season updates (usually as the game switches to January), and end of season updates. The only times I’ll ever stretch to more posts a season is if I happen to have a very busy transfer window in January, and therefore need to cover some major signings or decisions, or a tactical switch. Other than that you can largely expect three posts per season.

But anyway, enough rambling, and it’s time for me to cover what I’ve done in the early going, and how I’m adjusting to the new side. The first thing that I do once I start a new save is look at the staff available at the club. I decided that some were good and worth keeping (mainly on the medical side of things) but brought in a new Assistant Manager, Head of Youth Development, Under 19’s staff, and several new scouts. It’s an often forgotten element of Football Manager (and a mistake I’ve made many times), but having the right staff really can make a massive difference, especially early on if your scouts can give you an advantage over the other clubs in your league.

FM16 – The Beginning

FM16_PRIMARYDATED_LOGO_RGB_zpscpg8phclWell, The Tactical Annals is back. I apologise for my lack of content throughout the latter part of FM15, but as the game winded down and we moved towards the release of FM16, my motivation to play severely decreased. Along with real life commitments at University and work, I simply didn’t have the time to play Football Manager, and I certainly didn’t have the time to write about it to the standard that I would have wanted to. Annoying, I know. However, this blog is well and truly back for FM16, and I’m really enjoying this year’s version so far. I’m certainly finding the game harder, in that you can’t simply just throw men forward this year and expect to score. Indeed, if you do that, the AI will exploit your foolishness and counterattack you ruthlessly, and you’ll often find yourself losing games. However, this increased intelligence is making the game even more enjoyable for me. For sure I’ve had to adjust to the demands of FM16, but in the end it’s a smarter, more intelligent and in a way, more engrossing game (especially for me), because the game is tactically far better.

So, where am I going this year, and who am I going to be playing as this year?

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