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Welcome back to the blog everyone. Well, as I mentioned on Twitter around a week ago, I’ve decided to shelve the Moneyball on Football Manager 2019 series for a while. I was still enjoying it, but I was starting to get the itch for something different – usually a sign that I’m losing interest in a save – and I was struggling to find the time to play the save, ending up playing only a couple of games per week. The Moneyball save is extremely time consuming, as so much time is spent scouting, and as a result I just wasn’t able to play the game how I’d like at the moment. The save will certainly return before FM20, but for now I need something relatively quick and easy to play, with few restrictions. However, I still wanted a challenge, and something that would feel a little fresh in comparison to my recent saves on Football Manager.

As a result, I’ve gone back to my Football Manager home, Italy Image result for italy flag gif. Italy is a familiar stomping ground for many people around my age that regularly play FM, largely as a result of the importance of Serie A in the 1990’s when I was a kid, and the wonderfully brilliant Gazzetta Football Italiatrust me, click that link as you read – program on Channel 4 throughout the 90’s, presented by the hilarious genius that is James Richardson. I’ve always loved Italian football, for its history, passion, tactical intelligence, and great players. However, apart from one infuriating season with Napoli on FM16, I haven’t actually played in Italy properly since my Parma save I wrote on The Dugout for FM14. Cassano and Biabiany. ❤

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