Pleasing the Juventini

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Right, we’ve reached the midway point of the first season of this save, so it’s time to update on how we’re getting on so far with Juventus. In case you missed the first update of this save, here is a link to it. The basic premise of the save is that I’m playing as a modern ‘Manager’, effectively a Head Coach. I don’t have control over the transfers aspect of the club, but I do control the first team squad, training and tactics. Usually I’d start off with a lower club, but I reasoned that playing the game realistically after years of success on FM, it made sense to start with a top club. It’s fantastic to finally be back writing about Football Manager, and again before you begin reading, click here. Keep it on repeat as you read through. Image result for italy flag gif

Adapting the Bianconeri

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Finally, it’s here. After much faffing about and inability to actually play Football Manager, I’m finally back writing and able to begin my series on FM20. Man, this feels good just writing. Before I get into my save concept for this year and what I’ll be doing, I first need to apologise for the lack of content for FM19. This was not by design, but due to technical issues – that are still unfortunately ongoing – I have really been unable to play the game much. However at the moment these issues appear to have subsided somewhat – so it’s time to begin. Before you do, click here. Keep it on repeat as you read through. Image result for italy flag gif

So, as the astute amongst you will have realised, I’m going to Italy, and I’m going to be playing as Juventus – thanks to the name fix that allows me to actually play as Juve, and not Zebre, or whatever. This is a little bit of a departure from the usual idea of Football Manager, starting with what is already the top club in Italy – and has been for pretty much the whole decade – but there’s a reason to what I’m doing. First of all, one of the reasons I’ve picked Juve is that despite now being a Torino fan, as a kid Juve were always the team – along with Inter because of Ronaldo – that I looked forward to watching on Gazzetta, and I’ve always had an emotional attachment to them. Furthermore, they also appointed a new manager this summer in Maurizio Sarri, and I wanted to play as a team that had a vacancy this summer, as if me in game – with a consistent history of success – was looking for a new team. Therefore, in my mind a top club such as Juve made sense.

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