Como lo estamos Haciendo?


Right, we’re partway into the league season, so it’s time to do a brief update on how we’re getting on. These results updates will happen at certain points of the season, because I really don’t want results to be the absolute focus of this save. Of course I’m looking to eventually gain promotion to La Liga, but I want to explore certain parts of the game that I’ve avoided for years (such as training or player development) or simply not had time to really involve in my saves. A tactical post is coming soon outlining my tactical approach for this save, but for now, here’s how we’re getting on in terms of results.


At the end of September, we sit 12th in the Segunda B. As you can see, we are making an absolute living off draws at the moment, with one win, six draws and a loss. It’s hardly an incredible start, but this season is all about avoiding relegation, and beginning to set the club up for seasons to come. Our tactical approach I believe will help us with this long term, but I’ll be discussing that next time. We’ve had a somewhat difficult start to the season in terms of fixtures, playing several of the teams predicted to finish towards the top of the table such as Hércules and Lleida, but we’ve also played some of the bottom teams, and I would have liked to have picked up more points from those games.

Que es Cornellà?


Right, after the first introduction post which outlined where I was going, and the new approach I’m taking with attribute bars, it’s time to go over who the club I’m managing – UE Cornellà – are. Firstly, Cornellà are in the Segunda Division B (Group 3), the third level of Spanish football and the lowest available in Football Manager 2020. Cornellà have an extremely unimpressive history, largely floating between the 6th and 4th levels of Spanish football since their formation in 1951, and have only been in the Segunda B since 2014/15. Their most noteworthy influence on Spanish football is their production of Jordi Alba.

Cornellà de Llobregat Weather Forecast

Cornellà themselves are from the larger community of Cornellà de Llobregat, which is in Catalonia and is part of the general area of Barcelona. In footballing terms, the area itself is more likely to be known for the presence of Espanyol. The city itself is historic, dating back to 980AD, becoming part of Barcelona’s territory sometime around the thirteenth century. Cornellà comprimises part of the working class area of Barcelona, and has been largely linked to immigration from the rest of Spain into Catalonia through its history. For this reason, Cornellà holds an interesting position within the wider context of the Catalonian Independence movement, and some within Catalonia who are pro-independence have argued that Cornellà is pro-Spain because of its Xarnego – a pejorative term towards immigrants from around Spain – links.

I’m Going on an Adventure…


Welcome to a new save on this website and one that will be in an entirely new format. This save is going to follow almost a ‘forum’ format. Posts for this save will be relatively short, and each one will focus on a specific aspect of the save. Some will purely be about results and performances, some will be about tactics, some will look at player development, and some will focus on the bigger picture of the club itself. My aim with this is to plain and simply produce more content for the blog, in a way that I can document a save, and really delve deeply into what I’m actually doing. So, what am I actually doing?

Well, I’m off to Spain – a country I’ve not managed in since Eibar in FM15 – and the lowest playable league on FM20, the Segunda Division B – Group III exactly, with UE Cornellà. I’ve also brought in a manager from years back, Pere Busquets who played for me in my much loved Bayer Leverkusen save in FM15. Busquets was signed on the cheap from Real Madrid, and went on to be the utility player of dreams, playing central midfield and both full back positions. At the young age of 32, he now finds himself as manager of Cornellà. There are a lot of specific changes I’ll be making about my approach to the game with this save, from tactics to how I develop the club itself. Another important one is that I’m going to be playing with attribute bars rather than values, in order to give an extra level of challenge to the save, meaning I have to focus on scout reports, performances and statistics in order to find the value of players.

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