Ude af Ideer – Out of Ideas

Right, so it’s time for the next update of the AaB save. If you follow me on Twitter (@JLAspey), you will have seen that I was a little unsure about writing this update, but I think in terms of helping me understand what’s going on in this save, and why things aren’t quite going as I’d have hoped, it’s really important. There’s a possibility I just rush ahead now without processing what’s gone wrong this season, and it would ruin the save, plain and simply. I’ve already considered ditching this save because of how things have been going, but I said that my focus for FM21 would be consistency, so I’m sticking with it, and it’ll be all the better when I get things right. For those of you though who don’t speak Danish, Ude af Ideer means ‘Out of Ideas‘, which is really how I feel right now with AaB. I’m not sure I’ve had a save go this way for quite some time. Still, hopefully that should make this an interesting read for everyone.

So, those of you who have read the first and second updates will know that we began by using a Back 3, but after a truly horrific run after Christmas 2020 – it’s like the game knew what would happen in real life – I switched to a deep 4-3-3 system, but with two DM’s rather than CM’s. This stabilised our form, and actually got us into the final of the DBU Pokalen (the Danish Cup), but that was the point where I saved the game. Saving when on a good run is a dangerous thing to do on Football Manager, because you never know whether you’re going to continue the run when you turn the game back on – and we certainly didn’t.

Ikke Så Simpelt… – Not That Simple…

Yes, a second post of the AaB save everyone! Told you consistency was my main focus this year. Having played through towards nearly the end of the season, I wanted to do an update to discuss how things have gone, because so far this has been one of the most enthralling seasons I’ve ever played on Football Manager. I know I had intended to do topical updates, and I still think I will, but this has me so enthralled right now that I’ve just continued to keep playing. Clearly, I’ve also played the winter transfer window, and save for some kids sent on loan and the arrival of much needed left sided centre back Charlie Weberg from Swedish side Helsingborgs for 37.5k (a bargain if I’ve ever seen one), there wasn’t much to report back on recruitment and scouting. I am still actively scouting four particular countries in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and England, based on my scouts areas of expertise and knowledge, and it’s starting to bear fruit, with some players already on my watch list for the summer window.

If you read the last update, I said that apart from the fact the team is from Scandinavia, and I love the colours and the logo, one of the main reasons I chose AaB is that Kasper Kusk – who I signed for Newcastle on FM16 – plays for them. Kusk is without a doubt the top player at the club and every system I’d come up with had been to get the best out of Kusk… and then this happened. Kusk would be out for around 3 months. Now, if you’re managing in a top league, this likely isn’t an issue because you’ll have a backup who – whilst maybe not being as good as your main option – will be more than able to do a job whilst your star player is out. However, at AaB we do not have such a player, and the loss of Kusk sent us into an absolute tailspin. If you remember, we ended the last update one point behind Midtjylland in the Superliga.

A Danish Adventure…

Hello everyone, and welcome back to The Tactical Annals. I’ve been promising FM21 content on my Twitter (@JLAspey) for around a month now, so it’s time we got started with what I’ve been doing on FM21 thus far, where I’ve gone, and what my plans are moving forward. The first thing I want to say is that for a few years now I’ve been really unhappy with the content I’ve produced, and the inconsistency of my saves, not only in terms of posting, but the saves themselves. I’ve never been one to have long and extended saves, and as I’ve become older – and therefore way more busy – this has only worsened – but over the last few years, really since FM18, the content I’ve produced here has been way below my usual standard. This year, things will be returning to normal, which is why I’ve waited until now to write my first post for FM21. This year, I’ve settled on Aalborg BK in the Danish Superliga, known better as AaB. I want the format of these save updates to be very focused, so you’re unlikely to get the classic ‘mid-season, end season’ updates from me, and instead you’ll get focused updates that will discuss specific areas of the club, whether that’s tactics, recruitment or anything else. For now however, I’ll give a brief overview of what’s been going on as I’ve reached the end of December in the Superliga.
So why AaB? I’d love to pretend that it was something really deep and meaningful, but really it’s because they’re a mid-table team with some former glories giving me a recovery aspect to the save, and I like the logo and kit colours a lot. I also really enjoyed managing in Sweden back on FM14, and wanted to go back to Scandinavia. Other than that, they have Kasper Kusk playing for them, and I signed him for my all conquering Newcastle side back on FM16. He’s now 29 and not quite the player he was back then, but it’s still nice to be managing him again.

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