The Development of My 4-4-2

_41705404_4_4_2_416Tactically, I’ve been in somewhat of a flux lately. Many of the tactics I’ve tried have worked to an extent, but there’s just been something missing from them. Those of you that have followed this blog for a while now will know (and those of you that have just started reading will quickly learn) that I am pretty much incapable of doing things simply in Football Manager when it comes to tactics. Tactics are 95% of the reason I play Football Manager. I love having an idea, or some inspiration and having it play out and work on FM. Whether this be the Central Winger, or the 4-5-1-0 with Eibar, or the 1-2-4-1-2-0 I used with Leverkusen last year, with such ridiculous effect.

However, this just hasn’t been happening so far on FM16. Part of it is naturally that this is the beginning of the cycle of FM16, and at the in the early part of the game, I’m less inclined to try things that are utterly crazy and instead am simply feeling out the game. Still though, this doesn’t explain my problems with getting a basic possession orientated 4-3-3 to work, or a counter attacking 4-1-4-1 to work. It’s affected the saves I’ve been having too, as I’ve become more and more frustrated by my inability to fully ‘figure the game out’.

So, I decided I was going to look at the (supposed) most basic of football formations, 4-4-2. 4 defenders, 4 midfielders and 2 strikers. Supposedly boring, bland, formulaic (and if the media would have you think it), defensive. The 4-4-2 I’ve created is anything but these things, and is the first tactic I’ve created that I feel works exactly as it should, and yields the results I’m looking for. This article will cover the theory behind my 4-4-2, and analyse why it’s been working so well in game.

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