How to Utilise the Sweeper Keeper Effectively in Football Manager

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One of my absolute favourite improvements that Sports Interactive have made this year when designing Football Manager 2018 is the improvements to goalkeepers.

More specifically, I absolutely love the improvements that have been made to the role of ‘Sweeper Keeper’, and the way that the role now plays on FM18. Previously, I’ve flip flopped between using a standard Goalkeeper, and perhaps a Sweeper Keeper on support, but realistically, I rarely saw much difference between these roles, especially once I gave my G-D instructions to pass to centre backs. I rarely ever saw the kind of football that I wanted from my SK, but all that has changed this year, to the point where I now consider my Sweeper Keeper one of the most important positions in my system I used with Bournemouth. This article is going to cover how I use my Sweeper Keeper, why it’s so important and give examples of why the role now adds so much to my team’s play (and importantly the style of our play).

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