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Ok, let’s try this again shall we? After the unfortunate, irritating and untimely death of the Knicks save, I’ve decided it’s time to start again, sort of. I’ll still be following the same format as last time, focusing on keeping updates brief, and explaining my reasoning behind my decisions, but this time the starting point will be a little different. After making my way through Season One with the Knicks, and really building the team into the unit I wanted for Season Two, I must be honest I have little desire to begin from scratch, so I’m going to do something a little different using NBA 2K19, and I’m calling it My Coach. I’m going to be playing My League much like last time, but I’m applying conditions and settings to it so that I’m playing solely as a coach.

I’ll be able to control some aspects, particularly players’ minutes and how the team plays on the court (particularly which playbook we’ll be using). I’ll also be able to set target players for the team, which I’m rationalising as effectively me as coach saying which players I’d like the team to take a look at. However, I’ll have absolutely no control over trades, scouting and the NBA Draft, meaning that I’ll basically have to work with what I have, and work with those pieces to build the best possible team, and hopefully win a championship down the line. As you can tell from the above, I’m going to be playing as the Head Coach of the Atlanta Hawks. I decided this because the Hawks were one of the teams that hired a Head Coach in the 2018 offseason (along with the Bucks, Knicks, Magic, Hornets, Pistons and Raptors). Plus, I wanted to coach Trae Young.

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